When it comes to invitation card design, for me, personally, I was thinking about to give up for so many and many times. Do you know why? Because all of them were looking so beautiful, more and more, when I got to see it more, the more beautiful that template is going to be. Have you experienced this before? That’s normal, girls. We use our feeling more than men, that’s the reason why we need more time to buy clothes 😂.

Anyway, let’s back to the main topic. Do you feel the pressures to pick and order some designs for your party invitation card? What if you see this beauty, a beautifully made invitation card, and I proudly named it as Elegant Garden.


It’s perfect for you, who wants to host your wedding in Open Space, like at Park or sort of Botanic Garden, enjoying the vibe and fresh air as a happy couple. By using this template, you will get six Modern looking invitation card, there is a Polygon shaped Text Frame in Minimal design, and also some cutouts where the “Garden Flower” graphics will be placed. For the Floral graphics, I also have added six different models for you to choose, From Eucalyptus to White Roses, you can decide it later, because all of them were also included to the download package.

Is it editable? How?

Yeah, it’s editable. How? You only need a simple app, like Microsoft Word, no special skills required to edit or use our template.







Download Information

  • File was stored in Google Drive, to access the link, you need to click the download button above.
  • It has Rar file-extension, for those who don’t know anything about it, it’s basically just another type of “file” where other files were placed inside it.
  • Click download or drop-down arrow on the far right and “Enter” to start.

As I have mentioned it above, the file was archived into Rar file, so you need to unpack it and install all provided fonts. If you done with that, now you can edit the template and insert your party information, such as Where, When, Who, and so forth. For printing paper, use 5×7 card-stock paper for the best result.


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