Dinosaur, I’m sure that most of you might have already heard it somewhere. A pre-historic animals, which gains so much attentions with the past-presence of Jurassic Park. 1 of 3 kids around the world picks this gigantic animal as their toys, of course the toys have been produced in cute ways, and won’t looking like what we see at Cinema.

With all of that being mentioned, this cute pre-historic animal is undoubtedly appeared in top 10 list of Best Party Theme for Kids, based on the Internet, recently. So, today I’m going to share you something, with those awesome Dinosaur as the theme. Here we go,

Dinosaur Invitation Templates - Editable .Docx

What was that? It looks awesome, doesn’t it? Yeah. This template will be perfect for you kids, for their upcoming birthday and sure, they want both one-of-a-kind design for they party decoration as well as how the party invitation will look like. Each templates have beautiful, Forest in cartoon style, along with adorable Dino, such as T-rex, Ankylosaurus, etc.

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FYI, our templates also comes with handy .DOCX file, so it’s editable with Microsoft Word. So, you don’t need to buy or install another third-party apps just to be able to customize it. It’s easy and free, what could be better than that?

Dinosaur Invitation Templates - Editable .Docx and has portrait orientation


Dinosaur Invitation Templates - Editable .Docx and has Forest Background


Dinosaur Invitation Templates - Editable .Docx and has Cartoon Style


Dinosaur Invitation Templates - Editable .Docx and has T-rex and Ankylosaurus


Dinosaur Invitation Templates - Editable .Docx and has Cool and Aesthetic Fonts


Dinosaur Invitation Templates - Editable .Docx and has Photo or Picture Frame


A. Downloading the file

  • Click the download link above (Blue-highlighted Text).
  • Your browser will open a new tab and Google Drive Page will appear soon.
  • Click the download button > Locate the folder > Enter.
  • Extract the file (with WinRar/7Zip), Go to “Fonts” folder and install all.

B. Editing

  • Open the file using Ms. Word, you can either right-click the file > Open with Ms. Word, or open it while on Ms. Word (File > Open > Browse the File).
  • Almost 90% of stuffs that placed/made in this template were made and placed inside Text-Box, so you’ll need this box to place your own text and able to move it.
  • To add new Text box, Go to Insert > Text Box (Dropdown Arrow) > Simple Text Box. Then click the center of the box, and now you can type your text.
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