Every woman must feel very happy about delivering a baby. Then, she including you might want to share your joyful moment with others. Well, you could hold a baby shower party though. Invite your big family, close friends, and neighbors to join the party at your home by giving them a wonderland theme baby shower invitation. This invitation might be cool since it has unusual design ideas. Please download our free printable wonderland theme baby shower invitation template here on our website!

Our wonderland invitation is free to download by all people, even by you. Tap or click the download button available next to the invitation. However, you need to have an internet connection to download it. Use your phone data or Wi-Fi to access our web. If you are successful in downloading the invitation, you must write down clear information details including your baby’s name-to-be, the location, the date, and the time with your PC. Use the available factory apps such as Windows Photo Viewer, Photoshop, PicsArt, or Paint on your device.

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By the way, our wonderland invitation may be nice for both baby boys and baby girls due to its attractive design. It uses light brown background choice with a square or circle shape. It features pictures like a black hat, a clock, and big, pink roses. Those features come in different color tones but blend perfectly though.

Our free printable wonderland theme baby shower invitation template comes in 5×7 inches invitation image size. It is also available in a portrait and landscape page layout selection. Complete with a HD resolution picture result, it must be unbreakable even when you enlarge the invitation image. Anyway, to print the invitation, you may use your printer if it is available.

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Before printing, make sure you choose the right invitation paper option. A cardstock might be great because it is thick. A pearlescent invitation paper could also great since it has a ‘blush’ printing effect on the paper. Well, you are done! It’s time to share your invitation!


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