Basketball theme for your birthday party. Why not? If you like basketball and you’re in a basketball team, it’s the time for you to make a great party with your team and friends. All about basketball can be the party supplies and room decoration. Even, you can hang your basketball idols’ pictures as the party decoration.

To support this idea, we offer you free printable Basketball Invitation templates. We have six different designs of basketball invitation and you can download them all for free. Really? Yeah… just prove it!

By downloading free printable Basketball Invitation templates, you’ll save your money rather than buying the costly templates. The other benefit is that these templates are easily printable. You merely need a printer and papers. So, these are the steps to get the free printable invitation templates.

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Click download image on the template you love and save it.















Open a worksheet of Photoshop Editor and import the image on it. Write your wordings and detail information about the party in the blank area. The next step is preparing the printer and papers. We recommend you cardstock paper for the best printing quality. You can buy the paper at the nearest store or at

Writing the wordings are sometimes confusing. It’s like you don’t have any ideas to write. Okay, let me give you these examples: “Slam dunk at my party, guys!” or “Celebrate my birthday with you, my basketball team”. In writing the detail information, you need to mention when and where the party will be held. To ease your guests to confirm their attendance, you should write the contact person.

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For example:

Saturday, November 16th, 2019 at 4pm

[the address]

RSVP [contact person who holds the party]


Feel free to download the free printable Basketball Invitation templates we have. I hope you enjoy the party. Have fun!


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