9 Years Old Birthday Invitations Wording


Hi Guys, Let’s come and join at Gary 9 years old birthday party.

Gary will be turning 9 this week. I am so excited he is now growing up.

horses 9 years old birthday invitations wording

He is a smart boy, he likes to playing outside. He was joining in football club and singing club.

He likes to making a jokes sometimes, everyone are comfortable to hanging out with him because he is an easygoing, friendly, kind and funny person.

cakes 9 years old birthday invitations wording

Sometimes he use himself as the jokes, like his clumsiness but all his friends never bullied at him, they love him instead.

The birthday party will be so much fun with some fun activities. That will have a lot of fun games, everyone can join the game.

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spa 9 years old birthday invitations wording

The games will be have a scavenger hunt, everyone will divide in 2 teams, each team consist of 6 person, each team will get a note list of the stuff to be collect in the blue, red orange or black basket. The locations will be set in enigmas which make it more fun. The team which can collect much as the list will be the winner.

camp 9 years old birthday invitations wording

And also it will have fun games which called “play the stuff”, when the master of ceremony said “take the blue”, so take anything in blue color”. The fastest person who can find the stuff will be the winner.

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yellow strip 9 years old birthday invitations wording

The party will be completed by a delicious food, everyone will get a hamburgers, hot dogs, French fries, chicken wings, salad and pizza. You guys also can get an ice cream cones in any flavor and some soda.

The party will be held in: Friday, 13 December 2013, in 17:00-20:00, at 1809 Chandler Drive, Joplin, MO 64801.


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