Surprise 40th Birthday Party Invitations Wording


Hi Everyone, Please come and join us at Mrs Quimby 40 years old birthday party.

Mrs Quimby is dreaming about the greatest birthday party, but she was moving in other states and she was lost contact with her students.

beer surprise 40th birthday party invitations

She is very nice woman who are always active in school activities, she is a high school teacher and all her life is teaching students.

She likes to be around the teenager and she is the favorite teacher of the students in the school. But now she moved and she is a stay at home mom, sometimes she missed being a teacher.

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blue surprise 40th birthday party invitations

She is not a counseling teacher, but she always giving a good advice which inspire them to do something better.

She always wants to have a birthday party in the yard with a colorful balloons hang up on the ceiling as the decorations, a bright outdoor party lamp in the yard and some tables and chair for the guest, also has a music playing on the stage.

home surprise 40th birthday party invitations

The birthday party time is elegant outdoor birthday party. The dress code is semi formal.

We will surprise her by giving her the best 40th birthday party ever!

casual surprise 40th birthday party invitations wording

The party will be had all of his family, alumni of her high school students, neighbors and friends.

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She likes Italian food. The dishes will be in Italian food, such as: pasta, lasagna and risotto, baked ziti. The beverages will have a wine and some soda for under 18 years old.

black pink surprise 40th birthday party invitations

The birthday party will be so amazing by the surprise from special person giving speech about her journey and giving her the gift a surprise gift.

The party will be held in: Thursday, 20 October 2016, at 18:00-21:00, in 1104 Lee Avenue, Camden, NJ 08102.


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