There is no end when talking about the magical creatures. One of the famous magical creatures is the Unicorn. Unicorn is a kind of horse but has a horn on its forehead. Children consider Unicorn as a magical creature which can do anything and save the world from evil with its power.

If you happen to be expecting a baby and you want to celebrate the moment by holding a baby shower party, you can use the Unicorn as the theme. You can also get matching Unicorn baby shower invitations with a pink colour to match with the party.

For the downloading part, you can download the Unicorn baby shower invitations on our website. The benefit of using our website is, of course, you do not need to pay for anything. You can download the Unicorn invitation for free. As for the editing part, you can use any kinds of photo or template editing apps that you have.

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As a start, you can type some words on the available space using the Unicorn Calligraphy font. To make it merrier, you can adjust the colour of the words and the size. However, when you adjust the colour, you need to adjust the colour to the background of the invitation.

Then, for the printing part, you can print the Unicorn baby shower invitations at your home. No need a sophisticated printer, because you can just use any regular printer that you have. You need to set your printer on a high-quality level. After that, you can prepare the paper material.

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If you want to go to a low-budget, you can use the recycled cardstock with 5”x7” size. The only difference between the recycled and the others is that the recycled will not give you a glossy finish. This cardstock is also easy to find. Lastly, you can line up the paper and start to print as usual.


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