A baby shower is an event that can be held in many places, and the woodlands are just one of those places you can hold a baby shower in. If you want to hold a baby shower in the woodlands or around it, then there is no better way of inviting people using invitations based on this simple woodland baby shower invitation template.

This template is pretty natural to look at, which is what you want your guests to feel when they see this invitation. The cartoon deer is a cute little addition, and deers often symbolizes naivety and childlike joy (which are things that you should always wish your baby would have).

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If you want to see the template downloaded, you can simply save it by clicking on the download link provided. The size of this Woodland baby shower invitation template sits at 363 kb, which is pretty big for an invitation template.







It is not that big that you would need to spend like hours downloading it, though. When it is already downloaded, editing it is as simple as typing the necessary details you want the invitation to show. You can fill in the name of your baby and the address of the baby shower.

For printing, you want to use matte paper, especially the premium one. You also want to get a dedicated printer that can print invitations easily. Sure you can print invitations using your day-to-day office printer, but the process will take a long time because the printing machine is not optimized for it.

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Opt for a dedicated invitation printer or photo printer if you have the money. If you do not have the money to buy the photo printer, you can save your Woodland baby shower invitation template on a flash drive, bring it to a printing shop, and have them print the invitation. Just remember that this template is not for commercial use.


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