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Minnie is in a pink dress. Using her beautiful silk head craft and guitar, she’s prepared to commemorate your birthday events. Here is a secure printable Minnie Mouse birthday an invitation which is comes in two sizes, JPEG and PDF. These alternatives make it easy for you to sort out. Gets the fast birthday party invitations ever only on our site.  I suggest that you need to write several words on a white document:

“Join us for double celebration and double birthday fun (name) and (name) turns two!”

“Madeline’s 1st birthday! And Adrian’s 3rd birthday!” (the name can be changed)”

Printing it in JPEG size is the simple choice, but not as fast as PDF did. JPEG operates in writing smoothly. The visitor who takes the invitations from here would get 5×7” dimensions. Besides, you can’t put the amount of slots in one document. Complete it by printing your name, location, moment and time when you get all the certificates. It’s nice for you to invite several of them as a VIP guest.

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Click on Your Desired Minnie Mouse Invitation, the image will popped up, then Save the Image as!


Using your photo editor, you can also adapt several pictures from the design by cutting a number of images and adding them to the empty portion. You can also change the color of the balls by interacting with various printing instruments. You can also alter the dimensions of the balloons first by cutting them and making them smaller or larger as you like.

It’s good to invite buddies or family members of your children. Send it to the correct person who loves you. Remember to submit warm phrases before giving it to them.

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Linen or fabric tissues are the excellent suggestions for the invitations. Try to locate these two papers in the stationary near you and ask the staff to print them for you. You can simply tell the employees readily if you are mistaken whether document is linen or cotton.


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