Let’s enjoy with several children enjoy adorable invitations and have fun with them! This is a simple, impressible invitation. Yep, with the theme, you could use it for any birthday.  You can readily access and customize those invitations with a thumb or a pencil in JPEG type. You’ll be grateful if you can use graphics software like Photoshop, Gimp, or Corel.

The invitations arrive in 5×7” inches. Just download the invitation, write in the name, age, time, date, location and RSVP information for your invitation. It’s a very easy invitation. It include the bow tie in various colors. Thus, the Free Mr One Invitations are very good for any gender.

How to download? Click the picture and save picture. Start typing several words on invitation such as:

“Our Little Mister One Derful Mason is turning one! Join us to celebrate!”

“Mr. Onederful please join us to celebrate (name)’s 1st Birthday”

Save it on your desktop. This small model operates with all document, but you can use cardstock material which you can get it on Amazon or eBay to make your feel more genuine. The document is fairly inexpensive.






Send these invitations to your buddies, schools and relatives.  Don’t hesitate to make them as large as you need them or smaller. Because the medium area is empty, you can still add your picture. You must use Photoshop. The structure needs to be as beautiful as possible. Take your concept. Pull it out.

How do I collect it? Just push your cursor on the picture. Then click right. To save it, you have to give the room for the invitations. Name the folder. The best choice is therefore to make the special folder. Then you can print the invitations using the ultimate personalization.

You can use any document. In the meantime, you can use recycled paper. The use of recycled paper is so ethical and environmentally friendly. The document can also be found, manufactured or bought everywhere.


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