Wording for 1st Birthday Invitations


Hi Everyone, Please come and join in Naomi turning one birthday party. She is our first little sweet baby.

It was such a huge blessing since Naomi was born. My world is changing and finally we have our own family.

colorful 1st birthday invitations

She is definitely a wonderful gift that I ever had, seeing her growing up and being with her all day long, it is really make my day. I am so thankful to spending all my day with my little angel.

pink 1st birthday invitations

Every day when I wake up, I always realize and thankful that how lucky I am, My life is now perfect with having Naomi in my life.

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I am so happy that Naomi is born normal and healthy. She is never got sick and she is not finicky. I would like to invite you to be the part of our life.
minnie mouse 1st birthday invitationsThe birthday party will having a praying time as the beginning of the party and then will continue by lunch. That will be a simple togetherness party, but your presence will be means a lot for us.

cute 1st birthday invitations

There is no dress code, so you can wearing any casual, formal or semi formal dressed allowed which are comfy and proper.

The dishes will be presented a Chinese Food and Chinese Tea. There will be some lucky cookies in the dining table, So get your own lucky cookies!

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The party will be held in:

Date: Thursday, 26 November 2015

Time: 11:00-13-00

Place: 4986 Haymond Rocks Road, Baker City, OR 97814

Don’t forget to come, I would like to see you soon!


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