Two Year Old Birthday Invitations


Hi Everyone, Please come and join us at Luther 2 years old birthday party. Luther likes summer.

He likes to playing outside in the summer and having fun under the sun. he likes to play soccer at his backyard and going to swim or playing at the beach.

marshmallow two years old birthday invitations

The birthday party theme is summer fun. The birthday party is in his backyard. The birthday party will have plastic pool in the backyard that toddlers can go to swim with safe.

The party also has some swing in the backyard, so then kids can have fun after swim at the pool.

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elmo two years old birthday invitations

It also will have some food which is set as in the buffet table at the small hut next to the pool.

The party will served some kind of food, such as: macaroni and cheese, chicken wings, cheeseburgers, nachos and French fries. That also will some beverages for kids, such as: soda, lemonade.

boys two years old birthday invitations

It also will have ice cream in chocolate and vanilla flavor and some fruit salad.

The party also will be so much fun with the music playing while at the party. That will playing some kids songs with some funny dance.

general two years old birthday invitations

The decorations at the pool party will have some balloons on the ceiling and that also will have fun games at the pool party which is made the toddlers having more fun.

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The party will also giving the guest souvenir that can bring home directly and some tote bag as the handcraft creations.

The birthday party is in: Saturday, 21 June 2014, in 09:00-12:00, at 2953 Scott Street, Newburgh, NY 12550.


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