Repeat after me! Repeat after me! This is game where my dotter loves so much! Tom and friends always become my kids’ fave game. You can choose Tom, Angela, Ginger, Ben etc! My dotter request to me that she want something special for her birthday, then I design these invitations, she loved it! This will be our first Tom birthday party!

I designed this invitations measures 5×7″ with  300 dpi. It works perfect for your musical birthday party theme. You can write down your birthday party details on it. You can use a colorful pen, or marker. Write down your birthday party details like time, date and location of your Tom and friends party theme.

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How to Download this Tom and Friends invitation?

Well, it is very easy and most people can do it. Just click on the image and choose Save Image As menu. Then personalize the file as you want. To print this file, use a cardstock paper. This kind of paper has high quality image and brings an authentic printing image.




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