Surprise 50th Birthday Party Invitations Wording


Hi Everyone, Please come and join us at Mr Young 50 years old birthday party.

Mr Young is a husband, father, friends for everyone. He is a very good man.

gold surprise 50th birthday party invitations wording


Everyone loves him because he is a funny man, he likes to making a jokes in everything and he likes to make people laugh.

Sometimes he is using himself for jokes, but sometimes he use some movie scenes as the jokes.

black surprise 50th birthday party invitations wording

He likes to surprised everyone and tricked everyone by his prank. He likes to watch “Bloopers” TV show and he was waiting on Jack Vale actions. Sometimes he tricked everyone with Jack Vale prank and everyone are laugh after that.

In his 50 years old birthday, we would like to invite you to surprised him in his birthday party.

wine surprise 50th birthday party invitations wording

He will be tricked a lot at his work and try to hold on to get stuck at work. It also giving surprise by giving a bunch of useless job which holding him to back home and making him mad.

While he was there, the home will be decorated perfectly well. That will decorate in all 50 numbers.

candles surprise 50th birthday party invitations wording

That will invite all the co-workers, family and friends, all 50 people, 50 chairs, 50 cupcakes, 50 colorful balloons and so much more.

The party will have fun games for the kids or teen to join. The game will divide in 2 team, 10 people each team. Every team must get 50 item, the item can be everything like coins, button, books and stuff like that.

pink surprise 50th birthday party invitations wording

The party also will be fun with some 1950’s music playing which has been modifying in modern styles.

The party is in: Tuesday, 25 November 2014, in 18:00-21:00, at 4159 Jarvis Street, Buffalo, NY 14216.



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