Strawberry Shortcake Personalized Birthday Invitations


Hi Everyone, Please come and join us at Patti 5 years old birthday party. Patti is big fan of classic cartoon.

He likes to watch any cartoon movies in the 1980’s or 1990’s, such as: Woody Woodpecker, Spongebob Squarepants, Strawberry Shortcakes, He-man and Care Bears.

green starwberry shortcake personalized birthday invitations

His favorite cartoon movie is Strawberry Shortcakes. The movie is has the toys and video games in the 2009.

She was watching every episode of the movie and also the movie. The movie was popular in the 1980’s but he still likes to watch the TV series.

cute strawberry shortcake personalized birthday invitations

The birthday party theme is Strawberry Shortcakes. The party will be decorated in the wallpaper with some movie character, such as: Lemon Meringue, Blueberry Muffin, Plum Pudding, Raspberry Torte, Orange Blossom, Berrykin Bloom and Cherry Jam.

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The party also has every character dolls which put as the decorations and it also decorate as in the Strawberryland.

girls strawberry shortcake personalized birthday invitations

The tablecloths will be in every character and in every table will be have some strawberry character miniatures for the table decorations.

It also will have pink, red and green balloons and it also will have strawberry balloons that hang up on the ceiling.

pink strawberry shortcake personalized birthday invitations

The party dress code is in any movie character. You can dressed in pink and white, yellow and blue, all blue or orange and white. Or if you don’t have both color, you can wear one of the character color.

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The party will be playing the movie theme songs while the party.

first strawberry shortcake personalized birthday invitations

The party also serve some cupcakes and cookies in the themed shaped and it also have appetizer, main course and dessert in the plastic plates, plastic cups and napkins in strawberry shortcakes character.

The birthday party is in: Monday, 27 October 2014, in 15:00-18:00, at 3017 Wakefield Street, Philadelphia, PA 19128.


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