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Pink and Black Birthday Invitations


Pink and Black Birthday Invitations


Hi Guys, Please come and join at Stella sweet 17th birthday party.

Anna favorite colors are Pink and Black. She was obsessed with both colors.

pink an black chandelier birthday invitations

Every day she was wearing dress or shirt and skirt or long pants in both colors or sometimes one of the color.

Everyone knew her because she is famous by always wearing either black or pink.

bottles pink and black birthday invitations

The dress code are pink and black. Pink for girls and black for guys.

The party decoration will be set all in pink and black decoration.

ladybug pink and black birthday invitations

That will be a Pink and Black tablecloths, in every chair has black and then pink then black by turns, so then every couple can side by side. Black chair is for guys and Pink chair is for girls.

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The food also will be serving in different way. Pink plate and cups for girls and Black plate and cups for guys.

photo pink and black birthday invitations

You will find a cute cupcake in pink and black cupcake.

Each table will get 2 for each person, so everyone get free 2 cupcake and can get more pastry in the pastry table which has providing next to dining tables.

glamour black and pink birthday invitations

The cupcake will be decorate so cute, it will decorate in an unique way with some cool ornament in it to complete it.

The party also will have some fun games and a pop band playing which make the party gets more fun.

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The party will be held in:

Date: Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Time: 18:00-21:00

Place: 3933 Whiteman Street, Camden, NJ 08102.

Don’t forget to come, see you at the party!



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