Mickey Mouse Birthday Invitations Templates


Hi Guys, Please come and join at Ivy 4th birthday party. Ella is turning four and she likes Mickey Mouse so much.

Her mom always buy her a lot of stuff in Mickey stuff since she was kid and when she is growing up older, she is getting like the cute cat icon more.

She is always wearing a cute mouse themed every day. In casual shirt or pajamas or when she is in the party.

all mickey stars mickey mouse birthday invitations templates

She is also collecting all stuff in the mouse themed, such as: school bags, pencil box, stationary, lunch box, tupperware, tissue paper and a headband.

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She is also collecting all Mickey movies in CD and DVD. She is always watching the movies in Disney channel but she never got bored on that.

The birthday party themed is Mickey Mouse.

mickey mouse polka dots birthday invitations templates

The decorations will be set as in all Mickey themed. The party will have a cute mouse icon balloons and streamers and also it will have a tie-mickey shaped balloons in any color in the ceiling and every spot.

It also will have cute mouse tableware, each table has different pictures, it also will have some Mickey Mouse decorations in every tables.

cute mickey mouse birthday invitations templates

The party will be more fun with the fun games, which is “Pin the ear on Mickey” and some more fun games. The winner games will get a amazing gift!

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The party also will be so fun with the foods, which is served in all Mickey themed and also you can taste a Mickey Mouse cupcakes and cookies.

The party will be held in:

Date: Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Time: 16:00-18:00

Place: 2894 Whitetail Lane, Irving, TX 75060.




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