Mickey Mouse Birthday Invitations Ideas


Wants to celebrate the loved one birthday party but confuse about the ideas?

Do not worry, we will give you a solution of the birthday party theme, the party concept, the decoration, the foods, the games and everything.

The birthday party promo this month is Mickey Mouse birthday party.

blue mickey mouse birthday invitations ideas

The party will be so much fun with a great concept that we made, you can also added some ideas or giving some advice about the concept.

The birthday party will be set all decorations in Mickey Mouse wallpaper on the wall and it will be completed by giving more balloons as the decoration in any color to make it colorful.

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Every guest will get free balloons when they come to the party.

And also the party will be completed by all the decorations such as tablecloth, plate, cups all in Mickey Mouse as a covered.

pictures mickey mouse birthday invitations ideas

Every guest also will able to taking a picture in the Mickey Mouse full wallpaper which is made for selfie.

That also will be a Mickey Mouse clown who will come to make the party fun.

The guest especially kids will loved it to dancing, singing or taking a picture with the Mickey Mouse clown.

It doesn’t need a high price, the price can be negotiate.

mickey mouse birthday invitations ideas card

The party will be so much fun with some surprised that we will give as a complement at the end of the party

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The party dress code can use by Mickey Mouse shirt color or it can use some properties just like a tie for boys and a headband for girls

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