Invitations for Birthday Party Templates


Hi Everyone, Let’s come and celebrate Libby 7 years old birthday party.

Libby likes to play games, she likes to play any kind of games, either traditional games or video games.

truck game invitations for birthday party templates

She likes to play traditional games, such as: hide and seek, jacks game, card game, Frisbee, dodgeball and so much more.

In the lunch break time in school, kid is always spending time by playing and having their lunch. It is really fun kids in the class or the senior play together and they were having fun.

water game invitations for birthday party templates

The birthday party theme is games birthday party. The dress code is casual outfit.

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The party will be held in the backyard. The party has a big backyard that kids can use for having fun.

traditional game invitations for birthday party templates

That will have a lot of fun games for the kids to play, everyone is free to join.

It will have Mummy Wrap games. Kids will be dividing in the team. Each team can be consisted of 4-5 kids.

video game invitations for birthday party templates

Each team will get 4 toilet papers and it does not have time limit. Each team should wrap all team member with the toilet paper, all the toilet paper should be adequate for all the team member.

The team who can accomplish first with all team member wrapped up will be the winner.

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lego invitations for birthday party templates

It also will have more fun games, such as Sponge Relays which also team work and also it will have some individual games, such as: Simon says, Pin the Tail on Donkey, Musical Chairs and so much more.

The birthday party also will served food. It will have served home made cook with the delicious ice cream as dessert.

The birthday party is in: Tuesday, 10 May 2016, in 15:00-18:00, at 250 Emerson Road, Shreveport, LA 71107.


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