Halloween Themed Birthday Party Invitations


Hi Everyone, Please come and join at Taylor sweet 17th birthday party.

Taylor will be turning 17 this week and her birthday is the same day as Halloween.

She like to wear all black dress and having gothic styles in her daily days.

dark halloween themed birthday party invitations

In her sweet 17th birthday party, she want to have the most unique and the coolest birthday party ever!

The birthday party theme is Halloween themed. Everyone can wear any costume on her birthday.

trick or treat halloween themed birthday party invitations

Wear your unique costume, such as: A bride zombie, Superhero costumes, Freddy Mercury or Michael Jackson costumes, Harry Potter costumes or some creature costumes.

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ghost halloween themed birthday party invitations

The party will be so much fun with cool decorations that set in a Jack Skellington statue at the front door, this is a favorite character in the Nightmare Before Christmas movie.

kids halloween themed birthday party invitations

The decoration also has a pumpkin that made a hole in the face. It also has some ornament in black and orange and some spider toys hang up on the ceiling. It also has a banner written “TRICK OR TREAT”.

The dishes will be served in a spooky way. It will have spooky cupcakes that has a spider ornament on the top of the cupcakes and also will have a finger bloods in the top of the cupcakes, or skull head and so much more.

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spiders halloween themed birthday party invitations

It also has some cookies in a ghost shape. The birthday cake will be all in black with a lot of creepy ornament will make the party seems so alive.

The party will not completed without a game, that will be a best costume for the scariest costume, funniest costume, cutest costume and most original costume and also has a games which is in Halloween themed which is put an arrow in an arrow target, for the person who can stabbed on the right dot will get some amazing prize!

The birthday party will be held in:

Date: Saturday 31 October 2015

Time: 18:00-21:00

Place: 2213 Paradise Lane, Baldwin Park, CA 91706.


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