Yes, naturally. You must first print out the invitation sheet. The first phase is You have to use JPEG or PDF formats. It is your responsibility. As for the initial, JPEG provides you the sharper image. It has a large precision in its printer. Unfortunately, because it takes a long time to print the image, you need to download all the sheets quickly by downloading it first.

Use the PDF file if you want the simplest print. You can put card amount in a paper sheet by this kind of application. You can create it larger or lower than the initial folder, therefore. Use a black cardstock paper for a more genuine and sturdy scavenger invitations. The texture is smooth and it is evident. When you print it out, it won’t break your picture.








You can download the sheets only on our website. Visit for accessing other collections. Just write down several images there:

“It’s a Mall Scavenger Hunt for (name)’s 12th Birthday Party!”

“Join us for a scavenger hunt. There is no time to spare! There are so many clues to find So you must play fair! Let’s celebrate (name)’s 13th birthday!”

You can resize 5×7″ inches of images to a greater or lower volume not only with wording but also with your software. Therefore, before you print, you can inspect the dimensions.  How is it possible to register? Use your cursor quickly and transfer it with the images. Then press right rapidly and choose to save all the pictures.

Choose the utmost paper you want to include the excellent documents. We promote you to use a number of them for that purpose: art, linen, jasmine. For the highest consequence, select one of the three. You can get all of them from the nearest shop.


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