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(FREE PRINTABLE) – Toy Story Birthday Invitation Template


Toy story is a famous children’s movie around the world. The well-known characters in the movie are Sheriff Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Mr. Potato Head, and many more. It will be nice if you hold a birthday party in the Toy Story theme. Decorate the party in Toy Story theme! Not only the room decoration, but also the cake, party supplies, and also goodie bags for the guests.

Supporting this idea, Drevio.com offers you a template of free printable Toy Story birthday invitation template. You’ll find those characters on the design. There are 6 different patterns, so you can take your favorite ones.

By the way, you’re allowed to download more than one templates without paying anything. It means that you’ll save your money. You can edit and print them easily.  Here are the steps!

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Easily Downloading, Editing, and Printing


You don’t need much efforts to download, edit, and print the templates you selected. Just click the button Download Image above the image, and it will be automatically saved to your PC. If you don’t find the button, click the image, right click on it, and select Save Image As. Direct it to a folder in your PC.

Next, open a worksheet in Photoshop and import the pattern. Edit the size and also write the wordings and information. Select Horizontal Type Tools and write the information in the blank area. When you’re done with the design, print it to heavy card stock paper. The paper will give you the best printing quality.

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Otherwise, do you want to try an online software at https://canvas.drevio.com/start/? Here, you can edit the template easier.









If you’re confused to write the wordings, we make it easier for you. Take a look of this!


Woody and Buzz are blowing up

Balloons and icing the coke

There’s a party they hope you can make!

[the name and the age]


Add your complete information under the wordings. It’s important for the guests to know when and where your party will be held, and to whom they should confirm their attendance.




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