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Free Printable Rubble Paw Patrol Invitation Template


Rubble is ooon theeeeĀ  double!
One of my child’s favorite cartoon, the Paw Patrol. Paw patrol teach our children about team work, kindness and problem solving. That’s why I always recommend this movie for any parents who want to teach their children how to be a good team to solve the problem efficiently.

Rubble is one of my favorite character. It’s cute, humble and good constructor! My child wanna be a constructor, that’s why I choose and create this invitation for anyone who loves construction birthday party, or Paw Patrol especially Rubble.

Below is blank and printable Rubble paw Patrol invitation. If you like the design then you only need to click the image and save as the image. No worries, coz the invitation comes in HD resolution, so the image quality will be crisp and super clear.


You can fill the invitation from your Desktop computer using your favorite image processor like Photoshop or Coreldraw. If you are unable to operate the software, simply print and fill the birthday party details like , time ,date and location. Remember also to write down your RSVP number.

That’s it! Paw Patrol to the lookout! Lets celebrate the PAW-ty!



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