Today’s design was inspired from a picture that still marked on my mind. I saw that picture on Instagram, and I realized that I certainly need this one as a references for my latest project. The process of making this template is pretty simple tho, it might be because I’m pretty familiar with drawing bunch of Flower or kind of that stuff.

Okay, let’s talk a little bit about its details. This template features gorgeous Flower Painting, it was painted with Watercolor Brush from Photoshop, so it makes them looks even better. How simple is that? And you can make it even better by adding his photo or name in the available spaces using third party apps, such as Adobe Photoshop and Corel Draw or just simply use Paint app which is you are able to find it easily by typing “Paint” on your Windows search. Then, after you finished the previous step, you can add some fancy words, such as “A Little Cake, A Little Fun. Our Little Boy “___” is Turning 1! And Put on Your Ears, It’s Time for Cheers.







What should I do to make a budget-friendly decoration?

Natural Concept Maybe?

One of the easiest ways to deal with decorations for a party is to let nature do the talking. There’s no need for complex enhancements when you’ve got a natural backdrop that offers a great decorative effect already. With some nice seating options and a table, any outdoor space can be transformed in the perfect spot to host a party. Extra décor items might feel unneeded if the natural beauty of the surroundings is particularly impressive.


Download Information

To download these awesome template and use them in your invitation card design, you can have it for free and get ready to put your text and picture of your precious baby or kid in the available spaces. But before you can do that, The first steps you will need to do is downloading them, and this following instruction will help you for sure,

  1. Choose your favorite design template
  2. Right click on each one of your selected template
  3. Then select “save image as”, and locate the download folder
  4. Tap “Enter” and your template will be saved automatically on your default download location.


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