Celebrate your birthday party outside! If you have a brave and adventure soul, then celebrate your birthday party using Outdoor camping themed-party is a good option! Add BBQ party, rope game etc, you can choose what’s best party game in wild open space. You have to find the right design so your friends can be impressed and happy when receiving your invitation. The easy way to overcome this problem is by downloading the camping party invitation template below. On this website, you can download the free printable Outdoor camping invitation templates.

These invitations are free to use for your personal use only.

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Comes in JPG portrait design, you can fill the blank form with your camping wording party.  No worries, it brings high quality invitation, so you won’t get blur result when you print the invitation. If you are able to operate Photoshop, you can download tactical or wild life font , then add it to the invitation via Photoshop.

Browse our free printable Camping birthday invitation templates below





for the printing part, you can print the Camping invitations at your home. No need a sophisticated printer, because you can just use any regular printer that you have. You need to set your printer on a high-quality level. After that, you can prepare the paper material.

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If you want to go to a low-budget, you can use the recycled cardstock with 5”x7” size. The only difference between the recycled and the others is that the recycled will not give you a glossy finish. This cardstock is also easy to find. Lastly, you can line up the paper and start to print as usual. Now, you’re ready to spread the words! 🙂


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