Do you like everything related to maritime? You can use this theme to make a nice invitation letter. When it is used for your baby shower invitation, it can give a fresh nuance for everyone who gets it. So, provide the best invitation with Nautical for your close friends and relatives. Thus, they will join a party with an enthusiastic feeling after receiving a beautiful navy blue nautical baby shower.

Well, this is a free template to customize. The standard size of this template is 5×7 inches. However, if you want a smaller or bigger size, you can just edit it freely. Then, to make it more interesting, you can print it in a portrait form. Before printing, make sure that you have customized it as good as possible. If you are still confused to customize it, you can find the samples on

Moreover, you can design your Nautical with inviting wording. You can use for instance “please join us for a baby shower party” or other interesting words. You can find other inviting wording on the internet if you want.






Furthermore, besides good wording, you also need the right paper to provide an elegant invitation. Thus, you are recommended to use cardstock paper to support the attractiveness of the invitation. This is the best paper to print an invitation since it is a little bit thick and glossy. This paper is better than other papers you might ever find.

So, are you ready to make an unforgettable party with an inviting invitation? If so, feel free to use this template and customize it as you desire. This invitation will also become a nice memory for your baby when he or she grows older and see it. Have a nice try and enjoy the simplicity to provide a memorable baby shower invitation.


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