Lego Unicorn birthday party kits invite unicorn in a different style in kid’s party. This horse with a horn will look more unique and manly so it refers to boys. Roughly, your son will like it? Of course, yes! The templates are free printable and very amazing. Meanwhile, you who will take it as the preparation keep feeling the benefits too. Decide to use this template or not! If you say yes, let’s go on more information. You have never supposed that everything you need is available here.

Lego Unicorn Birthday Party Kits come with Some Essential Benefits

Lego Unicorn theme does not only make little boys happy but also the parents and his friends. You, as the parent, can get a lot of benefits such as below:

  • Four free templates
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First of all, it presents the advantage of the quantities where you get four templates for free. They consist of:

  1. Lego Unicorn Water Bottle Label Templates
  2. Lego Unicorn Cupcake Topper Templates
  3. Lego Unicorn Invitation Templates
  4. Lego Unicorn Hat Templates







  • Free features

Secondly, it is about free features for downloading, customizing, and printing that are very important and helpful for you. Free downloading comes from the button under the image with a blue color. Free printable and editing (for the invitation) using this link:

  • Additional information

Hat and invitation templates need a specific paper that thicker such as a heavy card stock paper. The hat template needs a thicker paper because you will make it in a cone shape. Now, just add tape or paper glue as the adhesive. Afterward, add ribbon for your hat strap and make the hat difficult to fall during it uses.

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Okay, those are the benefits of using Lego Unicorn birthday party kits you can get without charge. You should choose it for your sunshine (son) and let him help this preparation. Let him help you if he can or just accompany your work. Good luck!


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