Free Printable Kids Birthday Party Invitations


Hi Everyone, Let’s come and join us at Owen 6 years old birthday party. Owen is a big fan of toys.

He likes to play video games, cars, water guns, robot and super hero stuff. He likes to play all day in the holiday.

winnie the pooh free printable kids birthday party invitations

He has a lot of toys that he has been collected. Every time he go somewhere, if he saw unique stuff he always want to buy that.

He was collecting some sword, like Lightsaber, Harry Potter stick and some Power Rangers stick.

fishing free printable kids birthday party invitations

Sometimes he also likes to play some roles, for example: being a cowboy, wizard and put the accessories on it.

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The birthday party team is toys. The party will be decorate in some toys as the party decorations.

bonding free printable kids birthday party invitations

That will have sword piñata which made from balloons in the doorway and also the party streamers inside the room.

It also will have some boy toys as the decorations. Everyone can take a picture in the toys decorations.

toy story free printable kids birthday party invitations

The party also will have some fun games for everyone. Everyone can play the games like, playing some role as Cowboy VS Police

That also has playing fishing stuff games in the machine to get some prizes and everyone can have fun by much games which made as in the play zone.

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pool free printable kids birthday party invitations

The birthday party also will have served food for the guest. Kids can sit at the long tables which decorate in the much toy icon in the tablecloth and that have the birthday boy name at the plate.

The party also will be more fun with get some souvenir as the keepsake.

The birthday party is in: Monday, 27 April 2015, in 16:00-18:00, at 1211 Tea Berry Lane, Springbrook, WI 54785.


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