Welcome to the golden unicorn birthday party kits! Do you want to have a birthday party for your kids? If the answer is true, this great idea may become your choice to do it. Actually, this idea is very appropriate for a boy or a girl. Why can it be like that? Yea, it can be based on the picture color. This idea shows a picture of a horse. If the color of the horse is gold, it can be suitable for your boy. However, if it is pink, so it is suitable for your daughter. Thus, the option of this idea will match if your kids like a horse so much.


Then, what can you get in the golden unicorn birthday party kits? This following information will help you to get the answer to it. Here are the templates that you can get when you use this idea.

  1. Birthday invitation
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The first template is the birthday invitation template. Here, you will find so many various models of the templates. You are allowed to choose one of them that you want to apply. Then, you can also edit this template online.

  1. Cupcake topper

Then, you can also get different cupcake toppers with different designs or backgrounds. Just choose one of the designs!

  1. Water bottle label

The water bottle label can also you get in this idea. The label is of course designed with a picture of a horse. You can adhere to this label on the side of the bottle.

  1. Birthday hat

The last template is a birthday hat. This kind of hat is also embellished with a horse picture that is matched with the idea.

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After knowing all of the items that you can get in the golden unicorn birthday party kits idea, you can download it. Just choose the item that you need and then click on the template. Don’t forget to save the image! To get the best printing result, you are suggested to use a special paper that has a high quality. Have a nice try!


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