Arranging a wedding party with low budget is not so easy, but you can do your best for it. One of the successful keys is by cutting or reducing the costs for the wedding party. If you’re discipline, making priorities, and doing them right, everything will be solved! These are the ways to control the expenses: 1) don’t invite too many guests; 2) ask for help rather than expecting gifts; 3) make a minimalist decoration; 4) ask your relatives and friends to help you in arranging the party; 5) plan a low budget honeymoon; 6) plan the party five to six months before; and 7) design your own wedding invitation.

This website gives you the solution of cutting off your invitation budget. We have many templates of wedding invitation in various themes here and you can find them in the library. Today, we present free printable Forest-themed wedding invitation templates. Although the designs look so simple, they’re elegant as your wedding invitation. You just need to make good wordings on it. Well, are you interested? Do the instructions below!

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How Do You Get the Templates?

These are the steps to get the templates easily. Don’t worry about the cost because all templates here are free.

  1. Do you find Download Image button? Click on it and the template chosen will be saved to your computer automatically. If you don’t find it, do this step: click on the image – right click – Save Image As then direct it to folder in your computer.
  2. Open and select Open Photo. Here you can use the tools to edit your wedding invitation. We guarantee that you’ll have an interesting experience in editing because it’s very simple. When you’re finished, click Save and your design is automatically saved to your computer.
  3. Once again, open the edited design and select Print (Cltr+P) and fill the form in the menu.
  4. Check the ink cartridge for the best quality and use Cardstock paper. You can buy Cardstock paper at stationary stores nearby or online at
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We give you this example to build your own ideas.


We decided on forever together

[names of the couple]

Joyfully request your presence

At their wedding

[the detailed information of the party]


We hope you’re satisfied with our templates here. Please come again to find your favorite templates in various themes. So long!



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