Emoji’s birthday party kits include a modern theme for kid’s party because this icon emerges in several last years. The emoji symbols that firstly emerge in Japan add fun of online chatting. People like to use it as their expressions of the feeling. At the birthday party, this theme is unique. So, your kid’s friends and your guests will be difficult to forget the nuance of the party. Are you willing if other people get inspired to follow? The most important thing is that you are the first. Let’s go on!

Emoji Birthday Party Kits are Full of Expressions and Advantages

If you open the emoji symbols, you see a lot of expression faces to choose from. Here, the emoji birthday not only full of expressions or free of choosing some of them. Nevertheless, it is full of advantages too such as below:

  • 4 free emoji template types
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In the first benefit, this page not offers but presents 4 emoji template types at a glance. You may see and take by clicking the blue button underneath freely:

  1. Emoji Invitation Templates
  2. Emoji Hat Templates
  3. Emoji Cupcake Topper Templates
  4. Emoji Water Bottle Label Templates








  • Free Customizing

This link is the tool to customize the invitation templates freely. (Click here: https://canvas.drevio.com/start/) You use it properly for inputting text without charge in the space.

  • Free Printable

Free printable merely in seconds for one sheet. But, choose heavy card stock paper to print in the thicker paper for the hat and invitation.

  • Make cone-shaped hat
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At last, it is the way and additional materials for making a cone-shaped birthday hat. The additional materials are ribbon as the hat strap and glue or tape for the adhesive. Give a little bit of adhesive in the dotted line and close with another side. If it attaches strongly, it adds ribbon.

Although the steps or advantages are numerous, you will not spend much time to finish those all. If your kids can involve, you do not lose energy too much and your budget keeps saving too. Okay, thank you for choosing emoji birthday party kits and see your kid’s expression.


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