Free Printable Dr Seuss Birthday Invitations


Hi everyone, please come and join at Gaby 8th birthday party.

Gaby liked a cartoon movie, her favorite animation cartoon is The Lorax

Dr Seuss is her favorite children books writer.

picture free printable dr seuss birthday invitations

He has been written a lot of popular books which is bring into the cinema, such as: The cat in the hat, How the Grinch stole Christmas, The Lorax and Horton hears a who!

The movie The cat in the hat is one of the book which Dr Seuss has been written.

lorax free printable dr seuss birthday invitations

He is a writer, cartoonist, animator, book publisher and an actor.

The birthday party themed is Dr Seuss. The dress code is red, white and blue.

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The party will be fun with some fun games in all Dr Seuss children’s book.

Free Printable Dr Seuss Birthday Invitations card

The party will be set as in movie premiere which are showing all Dr Seuss movie, either in party wallpaper and all the decoration.

The decoration will be have red, white and blue decoration.

The decoration will have more balloons for everyone and that will be a lot of ornament which make the decoration looking incredible great!

cat free printable dr seuss birthday invitations

printable-dr-seuss-invitation Free-Printable-dr dr-seuss-free-birthday-invitation

The party will not complete with a games. The party will be have an acting challenge, you can imitate to act from Dr Seuss books, it will takes more people, then it will reduce by the action until just only two people remains to doing acting duet. The winner will get an amazing prizes!

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The dishes will be serving in any kind of plates, cups, napkins and tablecloth which are design as a Dr Seuss children’s book character.

The party will be held in: Saturday, 11 June 2016, at 15:00-18:00, in 4749 Monroe Avenue, Bradenton, FL 34205.


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