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(FREE PRINTABLE) – Cute Bunny Birthday Invitation Template


Do you have an idea to arrange a birthday party on bunny theme? Yeah, it’s an extraordinary idea, but it’s excited to plan. You can decorate the room with balloons and the pictures of bunnies everywhere. Besides, the birthday cake and snacks are on this design, too. The party will be more attractive when you ask the guests wear bunny suits. It will be a party of bunnies…

Drevio.com designs lots of templates in various themes. All of them are charming. This template might be suitable for you. Our template today is called free printable Cute Bunny birthday invitation. The pictures of bunny and flowers decorate the design. I’m sure you’ll like it and grab it fast!

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Easily Downloading, Editing, and Printing


You don’t need much efforts to download, edit, and print the templates you selected. Just click the button Download Image above the image, and it will be automatically saved to your PC. If you don’t find the button, click the image, right click on it, and select Save Image As. Direct it to a folder in your PC.

Next, open a worksheet in Photoshop and import the pattern. Edit the size and also write the wordings and information. Select Horizontal Type Tools and write the information in the blank area. When you’re done with the design, print it to heavy card stock paper. The paper will give you the best printing quality.

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Otherwise, do you want to try an online software at https://canvas.drevio.com/start/? Here, you can edit the template easier.








Here, we have an example of wordings to help you in writing.


Hop on over

For an afternoon filled with fun!

We’ll have Easter treats for everyone!

Please join us to celebrate

[the name and the age] Birthday


Add your detailed information under the wordings. Wish you luck!




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