My son to be 3 year old loves dump trucks and wants a dump truck construction birthday. I can’t find any blank construction invitations online without paying a lot for it. This picture is one that my son picked out he liked. It doesn’t have to be this one I just thought maybe someone else would also like cute/manly construction dump truck invites.

Of course you can get it for less, even for free! If you’re a big fans of the big yellow vehicles, then you came to the right place. Here are our collection of free construction birthday party invites. Simply click on it and you will be able to download it, very easy to do!

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These invitations comes in black background, with yellow warning sign with so many options, you can choose what’s best vehicles for your birthday theme. You can choose Backhoe, Excavator, Dump truck, etc. Click, download and write down the invitation with a pen or a marker.





Download and write down your construction wording invitation template.

What’s the best paper for this invitation?
You can use cardstock paper to bring the best quality for your birthday party invitation. It’s sturdy and bring high quality feeling to your invitation. Don’t forget to buy party supplies of your birthday party. You can buy both on Amazon.

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