Turn Up the Party through Cinco de Mayo. You are all about party and play around? Go fetch your friends to have fun with Cinco de Mayo invitation template. Downloadable invitation cards will be much of a help when you are organizing an important occasion to hold, such as Cinco de Mayo.

Fifth of May, or what people call as Cinco de Mayo, is celebrated not just nationally, but also internationally. The day is made to commemorate the victory of Mexican Army against French Empire. During the Battle of Puebla, the story itself is very historical, because despite of being outnumbered, the Mexican Army is able to secure their territory and save the land. In addition, many countries in America had been infiltrated and invaded by Europe military force, making it even harder to claim the victory. Not only that, the fight itself is seen as the battle without any hope, since the French army is loaded with more advanced equipment, and thus the fact that they won is one miracle many Mexicans are proud of.

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Thus, whenever the fifth of May comes, many Mexicans cheer on it and marvel in the joy they are basked in. This event itself is so huge that many people call this day as the independence day of Mexicans. There would be a national celebration, mostly are ceremonial since it is heavily tied with Mexican-American culture. They would dress up and the mood will be festive, as you will see military parades as well battle reenactments on the street. Traditional food will also be sold everywhere while some people will hold up a tequila party. In short, they will call out their friends and hang out together. To make it even merrier, you can download Cinco de Mayo invitation template and invite your Mexican friends or maybe your Mexican crush to charm them up!  What is more effective than a warm invitation that is filled with a lot of care and love about their history, right?

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