Batman? It’s quite ordinary. Ninja? Well, everyone knows it. But how about Batman Ninja? I’m sure you are curious about this one. Well, we saw a Batman Ninja video, in a cool anime version! We just realize that Batman go back to Japan Feodalism era, and defeat Joker.Wait, you should watch the trailer.

Very cool! and I think this can be my next invitation design. So if you want to celebrate your birthday party, using Batman theme, this can be a good choice! If you’re a big fan of Batman and anime, then this invitation is perfect for your party.

By the way, as usual, these Batman invitation template, measure 5×7″ with high quality image on it. You can download, by click on it, and save the image as. This Batman invitation comes with Blank form where you can write down your birthday party details, like time, date and location of your birthday party. You can browse it below

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Choose what’s best for your birthday party. When you’re done, you can go to your nearest printshop and ask them to print as many as you want. Remember that this invitation is for your personal use only, not for sale.

Now, you can get party supplies on Amazon. Well, there are hundreds options you can get from Amazon and don’t forget to buy cardstock paper too! This paper is the best paper for your invitation. It brings quality, authentic looks and premium feeling.

Ok then, Happy Birthday, Bato-Man!




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