Kids like to play toys. Even, they collect toys which they like the most. Young boys usually like to play cars, trucks, planes, robots, army, etc. When you’re going to prepare a party for your son, you can make their favorite toy as a birthday party theme. Army birthday party, for example. You can plan how to decorate the room, what are the decorations for his birthday cake, what are the souvenirs that will be given to the guests, and so on. Now, start planning it!

Supporting the idea of army-themed birthday party, has an invitation template named free printable Army birthday invitation. This design has a picture of a tank and a large empty space as a place for you to write wordings and complete information about the birthday party.

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Are you interested in this design? You can get it for free. How? You only need to download the patterns you like and the patterns will automatically be saved on your computer. You don’t need to think about how much money you have to pay because it’s really free. Follow the instruction below to get the template!

First, click download image. The templates are automatically saved in your PC. Second, open a worksheet. You can open it in Photoshop Editor. Then edit the size. The standard measurement is 5”x7”.









Third, write the wordings and the detailed information consisting of the day, date, time, and location of the party. Mention the contact person to confirm the visitor’s attendance.

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Fourth, print the template. Use cardstock paper for the best quality. You can buy it at

Interesting Wordings

To attract the attention of the recipient of the invitation, you need to write extraordinary wordings in attractive way. To make it easier for you to make it, consider the following example:


You’re invited to join

An elite force for

A special mission to celebrate

PVT [the name and the age] birthday

Please report:

[when and where the party will be held]



We hope you enjoy the experience of making your own birthday invitation. Come again and again and find your other favorite templates! So long!


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