Everybody knows pizza. It’s a kind of food and it’s popular in many countries. Pizza was created in Italy. It’s made by putting toppings over a piece of bread covered with sauce. It can be homemade or purchased in food stalls and franchised specialty vendors.

Drevio.com had an idea to make templates in pizza-themed. The designs are suitable for birthday party. The designs look cheerful and perfect for your invitation.


You can get the template in free. The image is also printable. Download or save the image. Open a worksheet in Coreldraw or Photoshop, then import the image to the worksheet. Edit the size as the measurement you need and write the detail information of your party in the blank space of the invitation. After editing, you just print it out. It’s very easy, isn’t it?

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The wording used in the invitation consists of the day, date, time, and also the address where the party will be held. There are many wordings in the invitation, for example:

Come to my party!

Wednesday, 24th of July 2019

At 05.00 PM


Find lots of interesting templates of birthday invitation in this website. Tell and ask your friends to visit us and find your favorite designs.


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