Free printable template mad tea party invitation design is suitable for active teenagers. Active teenagers mean they who like playing (hangout) together. Usually, the age is between 13 up to 25 years old and still deserves to visit theme parks such as Disneyland. By the way, mad tea party themed invitation itself gets the inspiration from one of the game rides there. It is a spinning teacup ride which only exists in six theme parks in the world. The point is your tea party will have a similar concept such as in the theme park.

How do you use Free Printable Template Mad Tea Party Invitation?

Anything your theme of the tea party or other parties, this page is always ready to realize it. Everything here has a fast-work system by maintaining the quality of the template. So, do not worry if you will get a bad result because only this platform serves without fees. On the contrary, it provides a link to customize after downloading. Click the link here: and upload your image through the button in the center. After uploading, it is time to customize and here what to do:

  1. Customize the text to inform the time for your tea party consisting of date, day, location and the hour. Remember, the link allows adding or cutting the words so that you can add the series of events.
  2. Customize the color if you have another choice for this case and a lot of attractive colors are available inside.

Browse the Mad Tea Invitation Templates Below






One-click to print your Tea Party Invitation

Now, it is time to print your unique tea party invitation. Check to see whether there is still a mistake inside or not. Use the button of CTRL + P on the keyboard to print where you only use it one time. Check again on the paper style to make sure that it uses the rightest paper of cardstock. Then, print both in landscape and portrait in 5 x 7 inches.

Free printable template mad tea party invitation step above does not need a long time to do. As long as your internet connection stable or fluent, it will end in seconds.


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