“Attention all wizards & witches your magical presence has been requested to celebrate (name)’s 9th birthday”

“Harry potter party invitation with template. Dear (name) we are pleased you to inform you that you have been accepted to Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardly for a celebration of (name)’s birthday”

Those are several words used in the opening of Hogwarts birthday invitations. In addition, if you decide to download a Hogwarts cards template on this website, you don’t have to wait for days and decades to have your invitations prepared.

Just as the usual download method, you can start it with very simple.  Yes, this is your event! Now with the Hogwarts logo you are able to build your own invitations. It is available to be accessed. Naturally, for your private use.

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On this empty Hogwarts invitations, model you can enter your event information. You can enter information on your event with a pointer, such as moment, date and place. If you can make you own Latin font, it will look so genuine to your request.








For these invitations, the black ink is suggested. You can combine pictures and write down a Harry Potter font type and do something else if you can run Photoshop or any other software for image processing.

You not only have to customize the text in the invitations, but also the paper and the printer. You need to customize the wording by introducing a number of phrases in the invitations like Happy Birthday, Hi World, sender’s title and recipient’s title.

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You can use the paper in different types for transmitting the invitations. You just need to choose any paper which suits you badly. We suggest you to use linen or jasmine which are very good for you.


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