Our child turns ONE! On This weekend you can access our initial invitation model if you wish to commemorate your number one birthday event. Well, for your first birthday cards, we built a nice Flamingo invitations model. You can use these invitations at any time, kid and lady, as well as your child.

These are portrait layout invitations with so many different backgrounds like colors, chevrons and a lot of colorful backdrops. Our invitations model from Flamingo can only be used for your private use.

Write down the information of your events, such as your first birthday session moment, date and location. What do you waiting for? Get yours today!

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You can display the theme pages once the invitations are customized. The volume is 5x 7 inches, which makes invitations easy. Just go to your secured folder and show it when you’re done.








Change the paper including the birthday child’s name, location and party data. Do not forget to add a flag if you organize your activities at a place because it is a easy instrument to display the way. The wrappers can be personalized with your own paper. The data on the back can also be changed. Write the phrases to open the invitation such as:

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“You are invitation to a birthday party (name) is turning 5!”

“Flamingle! Join the flock as we celebrate (name) turning two!”

Our website offers a lot of photos that are very helpful to use. How do you download these invitations? You can save an image by clicking on the image.

You can turn it into PDF, since invitations arrive in JPG format. The result will be affected by making the picture into PDF. The pixel for the picture will not be graded. All the photos can be obtained for fast use. Place it on the taskbar to use it fast.



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