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FREE Elmo Invitation Templates – Latest


Hi Everyone, Let’s come and join at our daughter birthday party. She is a really like of puppet, he like to watching all puppet movies. She always watching that TV show every day. Her favorite puppet movie is Sesame Street. The TV show was playing on TV in around 1980’s but the kids still love it until present. She like all the funny puppet in every color make it looks so cute. Her favorite puppet character is Elmo. Elmo is the most popular puppet in the movie. Elmo is a furry red monster with a orange nose in the Sesame Street.

The birthday party themed is Elmo birthday party. The dress code is red as Elmo’s fur color.
And we hope all guest will happy with our to receive an invitation with Elmo character in it. The decoration will be set in all Sesame Street wallpaper, it will have a lot of Sesame Street pictures. The party also will have a special performance in a puppet show, so don’t missed it!

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The party will be completed by a big wallpaper in the wall on the corner, so you can take a memorable picture with Elmo as a wallpaper in it.
The party will be held in:
Date: Sunday, 11 May 2015
Time: 03.00 PM – 05.00 PM
Address : Sullivan Street 145 NY

How to Download this Template?

Simply click on the invitation, the Save the image as. Don’t worry, this invitations comes in high quality image. After that, you can start editing the invitation using Microsoft Word or Adobe Photoshop. If you’re able to operate graphic software like Photoshop or Coreldraw, then everything will be so much easier. Add some text about your party. If you can’t operate them, simply go to your nearest print shop and ask them to edit your invitation. Or the simplest way, download, print and write down your invitation manually.

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