Celebrating the arrival of the baby is the must thing to do for the married couples. Celebrating it means that they want to express their gratitude by sharing happiness with the friends and families. A baby shower party does not always mean extravagant. You can also hold the party at your house in a simple yet meaningful way.

If you happen to be expecting a baby boy, you can hold the baby shower party using a boy theme. You can design your house with blue things around your house. You can also prepare the invitation by getting the bow tie baby shower invitations.

To download the template, you can simply download the bow tie baby shower invitations on our website. You can download the templates completely free. Then, after you finish in downloading the template, you can start to edit the template

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To edit them, you can use Adobe Photoshop app. You can start by filling the available space with the words and use the Advertising Script font. This kind of font is perfect for this special occasion and you can download the font on the internet. Then, you can adjust the color of the words so that the invitation will look more amazing.

Moving onto the printing part, you can print the bow tie baby shower invitations at your home using any kinds of regular printers that you have. Before you start printing the template, you need to prepare a few things first.

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The first thing is, your printer needs to be set on a high-quality level so that the background will turn out good. Then, you need to prepare the cotton cardstock for this cardstock can give you a clean and elegant finish. Next, you need to cut the paper into 5″x7″ size. Lastly, you can start to line the paper into the printer and start to print the template.


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