Do you feel confused about choosing a baby shower invitation? Then, what about choosing our black and gold baby shower invitation to invite the people whom you love? Our black and gold baby invitation looks simple but modern and exclusive. It also stores important information including the date, a baby’s name-to-be, time, and location. Get your free printable black and gold baby shower invitation on our web now.

To download a black and gold baby shower invitation, you just need to search for the download button that exists near the invitation. Then, you could simply tap it. To download it, you may use devices like a PC, Mac, or a smartphone. If you are done, let you open it with your factory apps like paint or windows photo viewer. Anyway, this invitation suits best for a baby boy due to its cool look.

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Our black and gold baby invitation comes in portrait and landscape with 5×7 inches size. It is also available in a full HD resolution. Therefore, even though you enlarge the picture, it will not be breakable. To customize our invitation, you need to be online first. After that, go on There, you are free to add shape, resize, draw, crop, add text, sticker, etc.

Our free printable black and gold baby shower invitation comes in a polka-dot accent. It has two different color combinations of black and white which are matched and blended well. As for the background, it uses white color with a yellow double brace shape. It also inserts a cute, black-tie picture. Then, you can print it.

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Before printing, let you consider the right invitation papers such as a cardstock paper or cardstock board paper. These two invitation papers are perfect to use since they are thick and strong. Do not forget to use the colorful ink for printing, too. Now, it’s time to share your printable with your family, friends, or neighbors!



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