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Free Birthday Invitations for Kids


Free Birthday Invitations for Kids


Hi Guys, Let’s come and join us at Samuel 6 years old birthday party. Samuel will be turning 6 soon.

Samuel likes to play in the playground. She likes all of the kind of playground games, such as: balloons pool, swing, and much fun games.

swing free birthday invitations for kids

The party will also has some obstacle course games for the kids to have fun.

That will have an outdoor playground games which is equipped for the kids to play, such as: toys, the fun games, bounce house, the tree house, water war games and so much more.

barbeque free birthday invitations for kids

Kids can play the games as they want it, for example they will crossing the pool with some round rope to pass through, the final crossing is in tree house and they should not falling down to the pool.

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It also has some relay race game, kids should playing in the team using some toys that hiding in some playground games.

playground free brithday invitations for kids

The party also allowed kid to play soccer, kids can have fun with mini soccer field to play and also it has some games that kids can enjoy.

The party will also serve some food. That will serve a barbeque food, like hot dogs, hamburger, chicken wings, chicken nuggets and French fries. It also serve some beverages like a soda, ice cream in many flavor.

fun free birthday invitations for kids

In the playground, that will have a small hut for the kids to enjoy the food or take a rest. The hut will be decorate simple with the colorful balloons and the party streamers on the ceiling.

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Don’t forget to bring your sunblock!

The birthday party is in: Saturday, 20 July 2013, in 09:00-12:00, at 1303 Mandan Road, Saint Loius, MO 63102.



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