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One of the most popular game this year! Animal Crossing New Horizons! Available exclusively on Nintendo, me and my children loves this game so much! Explore, build, sell and did everything on your island. Share it with your friends!
If you love Animal Crossing game, then it’s a good idea to celebrate birthday with our free printable Animal Crossing birthday invitation templates. Celebrate with your friends and play game together in your beloved islands. We provide blank templates where you can easily edit and add fancy text containing time, date and place of you birthday party.

Download more than 32++ Animal Crossing Invitation Templates. Editable and Printable
Yep, we provide more than 32++ Invitation Templates with Animal Crossing Game characters. Please always remember, all rights reserved to Nintendo and this is for your personal use only. Comes in blank spaces, you can download then fill the invitation details with time, date and location of your party. Remember to add RSVP too!
You can edit the invitation using Drevio Canvas, where you can easily edit online these Animal Crossing invitation.

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If you’re able to operate Photoshop, you can easily click on the image, then Save the image as. Open it on Photoshop and you’re ready to go.

Use it as Animal Crossing Virtual Invitations

Of course you can use it as your virtual invitations during the pandemic. Just like the way above, you can easily edit the invitation wording and send them online via WhatsApp or Email. You can use the invitation as your Instagram post and tag your invitees.
Make an appointment, time, date and your Zoom profile. Celebrate it online with your family and friends.

This invitation is perfect for you who love Nintendo, especially Animal Crossing game. You can choose your characters and spread the words.

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Browse Animal Crossing Invitations Templates – Leaves Background
Scroll down calmly to get detailed invitation and meet your requirements

Browse Animal Crossing Invitations Templates – Colorful Background
Scroll down calmly to get detailed invitation and meet your requirements

Time to Print the Invitations!

You can also send them as printed invitations, simply go to your nearest printshop, or you can print it by yourself and send them via post, spread the words and celebrate the party.
If you love it then share this post with your Animal Crossing partners!
Happy birthday! 🙂


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