Free 1st Birthday Invitations Templates


Hi Everyone, Let’s come and join us at Molly first birthday party.

Molly likes to playing in the water and playing outside. In the summer, his father was making mini pool for her and she really like it to be in the pool.

boy free 1st birthday invitations templates

This birthday party will be different than the other, the birthday party is not in the ballroom, restaurant, or in the home.

The birthday party theme is beach blanket baby. The party will decorate as in the swimming pool area. It will have baby pool for the baby and toddlers to join in. The dress code is swimsuit.

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swim float free 1st birthday invitations templates

The birthday party also will have sandbox for the kids to play and also it will have play-doh for the kids to play.

The party also will have decorations with sunglasses, swimming coat, empty bottles of sunscreen, pool toys and towels in some cute themed.

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It also will have beach balls, swimming float and it also will have mini pool float placed in the party area.

The party also will have tablecloth in the tropical decorations with some colorful color. It also will have palm trees party decorations which made it as in the pool party in tropical area.

baby free 1st birthday invitations templates

That will served food in the grilled food, such as: hamburger, hot dogs and French fries with dipping sauce.

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It also will have chips, pretzel, Hawaiian bread and some ice cream, fruit juice and milkshake. Everyone also can taste beach ball birthday cakes and cookies while the party.

ribbon baby 1st birthday party invitations


The party also will be fun with some music performance for the kids by singing kids songs and some fun dance and the game for the kids.

The birthday party is in: Saturday, 29 October 2016, in 09:00-13:00, at 1813 Woodside Circle, Tallahassee, FL 32301.


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