Elmo Birthday Invitations With Photo


Hi Everyone, Let’s come and join at Lisa 4th birthday party. Lisa is a big fan of puppet, he like to watching all puppet movies.

Her  favorite puppet movie is Sesame Street. She like all the funny puppet in every color make it looks so cute.

Her favorite puppet character is Elmo. Elmo is the most popular puppet in the movie.

polka dots elmo birthday invitations with photo

She had collecting all Emo stuff. All her stuff always have an Elmo in it.

She like to imitate all the puppet character sometimes. She is watching the movie a lot and sometimes she is trying to imitate every character and the conversation.

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boys elmo birthday invitations with photo

Everyone see her to do that sometimes and she is really looks so good and cute for that.

The birthday party themed is Elmo. The dress code is red.

The decoration will be set in all Elmo wallpaper and it will be completed by all party equipment in Elmo themed so you will find the cute red puppet everywhere.

baby elmo birthday invitations with photo

The party will have so much fun games. That will be a special games which is everyone can trying to become a puppet master, you can take your favorite puppet character and playing on it.

The party also will have a special performance by Lisa as playing a puppet show, so don’t missed it!

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colorful elmo birthday invitations with photo

The party will have some unique appetizer, main course and dishes while you enjoy the party.

The party will be held in:

Date: Thursday, 21 January 2016

Time: 15:00-18:00

Place: 1763 Skinner Hollow Road, Winston, OR 97496.

Don’t forget to come, See you soon at the party!


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