Dump Truck Birthday Party Invitations


Hi Everyone, Please come and join us at Jacob 10 years old birthday party.

Jacob’s father is working as a constructor worker. Sometimes his father ask him to go to the workplace and play around there while he is working and he was having fun with the foreman.

boy dump truck birthday party invitations

In his father workplace, there is a lot of truck which passing by around the industrial complex.

He was so obsessed to be in the truck and one day he wants to learn to drive it, it is looks pretty cool to drive the dump truck.

black and white dump truck birthday party invitations

The birthday party theme is dump truck. The birthday party will be decorated in any kind of truck wallpaper.

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That will have Standard Dump Truck, Transfer Dump Truck, Superdump Truck, Double and Triple Trailer Bottom Dump Truck and so much more.

constructions dump truck birthday party invitations

His favorite kind of truck is Yellow Dump Truck. The birthday party will be decorated in yellow decorations for the curtains and the tablecloths.

The party will served the birthday cake which decorated in the themed with the yellow frosting cake and it also has Oreo as the wheels and it also completed by the melted chocolate which shaped as the sand in the truck. That was for the decorations for the top of the cakes.

funny dump truck birthday party invitations

For the cake tart, it will make in chocolate frosting with some mini chocolate spreading around the cakes as the stones decorations.

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The party also will served meals and beverages which served in the yellow plates, yellow cups, tableware and napkins.

sand dump truck birthday party invitations

The birthday party also will have some fun games for everyone. The party will be so much fun with a bunch of delicious food.

The birthday party is in: Monday, 1 February 2016, in 16:00-18:00, at 3387 Swick Hill Street, Charlotte, NC 28202.


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