Don’t feel you must create a theme to build the party around. Your kids party already has one theme-it’s a Birthday Party! What you need to do next is narrowing down the theme into real-life cute and fun theme.

Cat happy birthday

If by any chance you have a cat as your pet in the home, it would be so likely that your kids will grow to love that animal so much and feel them as part of the family. You can take this as a simple yet a very cute theme. Transform the animal into a ball furpect cuteness of all time!
kitten party hat cake cute animals birthday party

You may laugh for the idea that cat themed, but that’s just enough reason for you to actually do the thing. Why? Because it looks so cute for a cat to be dressed like that! Your kids wouldn’t object such idea and now you can settle on a theme not so difficult for you to apply. As the picture abovehave shown you, by using a cat theme, you can even be creative and change the wording of the invitation to cat’s speech. Who would ever think of saying “birthday” to “berfday” would sounds extremely cute for a pun?

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Anyway, this theme is so esy to do, you can search for picture of cat with birthday decoration like this:

three kittens

and place it on an  invitation card completed with necessary information on your kid’s birthday, like this:


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